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Judul Buku kode A-Z




01 A Agricultural Assistance Sources IADS 1982
02 A Agricultural Compendium for Rural Development in the Tropis and Subtropis Elsevier 1981
03 A Agricultural and Hoerticultural Seed F.A.O. 1961
04 A Agricultural Research and Technology in Economics Development Per-Prinstrup 1982
0 5 A Agricultural Research Reports : Economic Aspects of Iow Labour-Income Farming HA. Lunning 1967
06 A Agricultural Entomology in Indonesia During the Colonial Period and is Relevabce to Current Pest Research KG. Eveleens 1976
(Buku tidak ada)
07 A Agricultural Sciences Nasca 1982
08 A Agricultural Extension : The Training and Visit System Daniel Benor
09 A Agricultural Insect Pests of the Tropics and Their Control Dennis Hill 1975
10 A Agriculture and Environment : The Physical Geography of Temperate Agricultural Systems David Briggs
Frank Countney
11 A Agriculture Foundations Principles and Development Earburn, JR 1984
12 A Agriculture in The Tropics CC. Webster 1996
13 A Agriculture Short Course : Fisiologi Tanaman Tropis : Pertumbuhan Tingkat Molekuler dan Tanaman SM. Sitompul 1995
14 A A Guide to the Economics of Dehydration of Vegetables in Developing Countries Patri cia King 1980
15 A Annual Report : International Institute of Tropical Agriculture 1994
16 A Annual report 1980-1981 Tropical Fruit Resta CA. Eady HAD 1980
(Buku tidak ada)
17 A Annual Report 1980-1981 Tropical Fruit Res.Sta Drpt of Agric. CA. Eady ITDA 1980
18 A A Pharmacoqnostical Study of Some Indonesian Medical Plant of the Family J. Siwon 1982
19 A Alqemeene Plantenteelt A. do Koning 1983
20 A Agroclimate Information for Development Reviving the Green Revolution David F. Cusack 1983
21 A Anatomy of Seed Plants K. Esau 1976
22 A Abstracts of Science and Technology in Japan Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries JIEST 1992
23 A A Study of the Productivity of Carlic PS. Bindraban 1989
24 A Appropriate Use of Fertilizera in Asia and The Facific Saleem Ahmed 1996
25 A Application of Mutation Breeding Method in the Improvement of Vegetatively Propagated Crops : an Interpretive Literature Review C. Broertjes 1978
AM. Van Harten
26 A A Horticultural Development Organization For The Kecamatan Batu malang F. Geurts 1977
27 A Anggaran Dasar (AD) Perhimpunan Hort. PERHORTI 1981
28 A AVRDS : Progress Report Summaries 1975
29 A AVRDC : Chinese Cabbage Report 75 1984
30 A A Complication of the Report on Test and4Demonstration Plot of The Agricultural Technical Mission R.O.C. 1982
31 A A Complication of the Report on Test and Demonstration Plot of The Agricultural Technical Mission R.O.C. 1982
32 A A Complication of the Report on The Test and Demonstration Plot of The Agricultural Technical Mission E.O.C. (Jul-Des. 1982) 1982
33 A A Complication of the Report on the Test and Demonstration Plot of The Agricultural Technical Mission E.O.C. (Juli-Des 1982) 1983
34 A An Introduction to Microcomputer Vol.0 The Beginner's Book Third Edition Adam Osborne 1982
35 A Advances in Fruit Breeding Jules Janick, dkk 1975
36 A Advances in Plant Reproductive CP. Malik 1978
37 A Arah Pengelolaan Gulma di Waktu Mendatang Dalam Kaitannya Dengan Wawasan Lingkungan Moch. Suryani 1986
38 A A Glossary of Indonesian Plant Names Smiritidharma Sharma 1985
39 A AGlossary of Indonesian Plant Names Smiritidharma Sharma 1985
40 A Australian-Asian Universitas Co-operation Scheme UNIBRAW-AAUCS 1977
41 A An Introduction to Farming Systems Michael Harnes 1981
42 A An Introduction to Lands Cape Architecture Design Norman K Booth 1985
43 A Astive Parts of Root System of Fruit Plants IA Muromtsev 1984
44 A A Directory of Library and Information Retrieval Software for Micro Computers Hilary Gates 1985
45 A Analysis of Biological Molecules Geoffery WH. Potter 1995
46 A Arid Lands : A Geographical Appraisal ES. Hill 1969
47 A A System for Monitoring and Evaluating Agricultural Extention Projects Michael M. Cernea 1977
48 A Agroindustri Buah-buahan (2 buku) M. Amin Aziz 1993
49 A A Texbook and Manual Weed Control Alden S. Grafts 1952
(Buku tidak ada)
50 A Agribisnis Hortikultura Direktorat Bina Prod. 1987
51 A A Ppractical Guide to Protein and Peptide Purification for Microaequencing Paul Matsudaira 1993
52 A An Plant for Integrated Research on Fruits and Vegetables in East Java MARIF 1981
53 A An Overview of Palawija Agriculture With Reference to Research in East Java MARIF 1984
54 A A Traditional Agricultural System : Vilage Fores-Gardens in East Java Jean Bompard 1980
Chaterine Ducatillion
55 A A New Geometry and Trigonometry AR. Bielby 1956
56 A A Rapidly Searchable Compendium of Information Cultivated Fruit, Vegetable Spice and Nut Species Glive Hackatt 1979
57 A A Draft Set of Core Modils and Three Supplementary Moduls for A Tabular Method of Describing the Qualities of Plant Species Clive Hackett 1983
58 A Avanced PFS : Profesional : Write and File Janice M. Gessin, dkk 1987
59 A Air Conditioning : Complete Cataloque
60 A A Histoey of Gardew and gardening Edward Hyams 1971
61 A Agronomy Abstracs Annual Meetings 1994
62 A Agronomy Abstracs Annual Meetings 1995
63 A Agronomy Abstracs Annual Meetings 1996
64 A Agronomy Abstracs Annual meetings 1997
65 A Aluminium Tolerance of Macuna a. Tropical Leguminous Cover Crop Kurniatun Hairiah 1992
66 A Annual Meeting Abstracs 1998
01 B Brassicas :Ciba Geigy Plant Protec.Veg Ciba – Geigy
02 B Bertanam Pohon Buah-buahan AAK 1975
03 B Budidaya Tanaman Hortikultura (I) A. Aziz Lahiya 1983
04 B Budidaya Tanaman Hortikultura (II) A Aziz Lahiya 1983
05 B Budidaya Tanaman Hortikultura (IIa) A.Aziz Lahiya 1983
06 B Budidaya Tanaman Pekarangan : Jenis-jenis Tanaman Untuk Daerah Beriklim Kering, & Daerah Pegunungan A. Aziz Lahiya 1983
07 B Basic data on International Courses 1984
08 B Bioenergetics of Autotrophs and Heterotrophs John W. Anderson 1980
09 B Beberapa Jenis Bambu Lipi
10 B Bean Production Problems John L. Nickel 1979
11 B Brunnings Australian Gerdener Angus 1990
12 B Bonsai : Cara Membuat dan Merawat Pohon Mini Soegito Sigit 1982
13 B Bertanam Kacang Sayur Munadjim 1984
14 B Bertanam Mangga Pracaya 1985
15 B Basic Elements of Landscop Architecture Michael Laurie 1986
16 B Biosyn the is if Natural Products Paolo Manitto 1981
17 B Biologi Bunga dan Teknik Penyerbukan Silang Buatan Daryanto,siti Satifah 1982

18 B Biometrical Methods in Quantitative Genetik Analysis Dr. RK. Singh 1979
Dr. BD. Chaudary
19 B Bercocok Tanam (Camellia Theifera) R. Sodo Adisewojo 1982
20 B Broceolli Cultivar Trials 1983-1984 BW. Philp; IS.Rogers 1987
21 B Bercocok Tanam Pohon Buah-buahan Kaslan A.Tohir 1978
22 B Bertanam Pohon Buah-buahan JJ. Ochse 1960
23 B Bercocok Tanam Ubi2an (Jalar+Kayu) Adi Sarwanto 1980
24 B Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering Mark L. Steinberg 1994
25 B Black Thread Disease Control Measures and Yield Stimulation in Hevea Brasillensis Liberia J. Schreurs 1972
26 B Beartiful Orchids Peter Mc.Kenzie Black 1973
27 B Biometry Robert R. Sokal 1981
28 B Bioenergetics 2 David G. Nicholas 1992
29 B Biotransformation By Plant Tissue Cultures Gunawan Indrayanto 1987
30 B Buah-buahan di Kebun Rumah Slamet Suseno 1983
31 B Basic Sensory Methods for Food Evaluation BM. Watts; 1989
GL. Ylimaki
32 B Buletin Penelitian Hortikultura Vol.10.3.88 Balai penel.Hort.Lemb. 1988
33 B BuletinPenel. Hortikultura Vol.16.1.88 Balai Penel.Hort.Lemb 1988
34 B Buletin Penelitian Horti. Vol.16.2.88 Balai Penel.Hort.Lemb 1988
35 B Buletin Penelitian Horti. Vol.17.1.88 Balai Penel.Hort.Lemb 1988
36 B Buletin Penelitian Horti. Vol.17.2.88 Balai Penel.Hort.Lemb 1988
37 B Buletin Penelitian Horti. Vol.17.4.89 Balai Penel.Hort.Lemb 1989
38 B Buletin Penelitian Horti. Vol.18.1.89 Balai Penel.Hort.Lemb 1989
(Buku tidak ada)
39 B Buletin Penelitian Horti. Vol.18.2.89 Balai Penel.Hort.Lemb 1989
(Buku tidak ada)
40 B Buletin Penelitian Horti. Vol.18.3.89 Balai Penel.Hort.Lemb 1989
41 B Buletin Penelitian Horti. Vol.18.1.90 Balai Penel.Hort.Lemb 1990
(Buku tidak ada)
42 B Buletin Penelitian Horti. Vol.18.2.90 Balai Penel.Hort.Lemb 1990
43 B Buletin Penelitian Horti. Vol.19.2.90 Balai Penel.Hort.Lemb 1990
44 B Buletin Penelitian Horti. Vol.19.4.90 Balai Penel.Hort.Lemb 1990
45 B Buletin Penelitian Horti. Vol.20.1.90 Balai Penel.Hort.Lemb 1990
46 B Biology of Microorganisme Thomas D. Brock 1970
47 B Breeding For Disease Resistance In Rice S. Gangopadhyay 1987
48 B Botany Third Edition Carl L. Wilson 1966
01 C Crop Responses to Water At Different Stages of Grwoth PJ. Salter 1967
02 C Crop Pests in Tanzania and Their Control Eberhard Bohlen 1977
03 C Cahew JG. Ohler JG. Ohler
04 C Capita Selecta Hortikultura A Aziz Lahiya 1984
05 C Capita Selecta Hortikultura A Aziz Lahiya 1984
06 C Capita Selecta Hortikultuea Jilid I A Aziz Lahiya 1984
07 C Capita Selecta Hortikultura (Jeruk dan Budidaya Tanaman Jeruk) A Aziz Lahiya 1984
08 C Capita Selecta Hortikultura : Pisang dan Produk Tanaman Pisang A Aziz Lahiya 1984
09 C Citrus Diseases and Disorders LC. Knorr 1983
10 C Cara Bercocok Tanam Sorghum Inu G. Ismail 1977
11 C ComercialMangoProduction in the Philp Jose C. Hapitan 1976
12 C Comercial Flowers TK. Bose; LP. Yadav 1989
13 C Color Handbook of Citrus Diseases LJ. Klofz 1973
14 C California Macadamia Society Cindy Cooper 1981
15 C Cambridge Monographs in Experimental Biology Defence Mechanisme of Plants Brian J. Deverall 1977
16 C Crop Growth and Culture Roger L. Mitchell 1977
17 C Crop Growth and Culture Roger L. Mitchell 1977
18 C Chemical Manipulation of Grop Growt and Development JS. Mc. Laren 1982
19 C Cropping System Entomology Farming System Research Program ICRISAT 1984
20 C Casio FX – 801 P Moch. Suryani 1986
21 C Coralition & Regression : A Supplement to "Experimental Methods for Extension Workers" Thomas M. Little 1966
22 C Caribbean Agricultural Extension manual 1985
23 C Current Advances in Plant Reproductive Biology Vol. I CP. Malik 1979
24 C Cycling of Mineral Nutrients in Agricultural Ecosystems Elsevier 1978
25 C Coconuts : Production, Processing, Prodducts Jasper Guy Woodroof 1978
26 C Coconuts : 2 nd Edition Reginald Child 1974
27 C Crop Production : Principles & Practices Harold D. Hughes 1964
28 C Climate, Soil and Crop Production in the Humid Tropics NC. Williams 1970
KT. Joseph
29 C Chemiscals Apply Them Poperty Peter Boswarorth O 1987
30 C Community Ecology Jared Diamond 1986
31 C Controled Atmosphere Storage of Fruits LV. Metliski; dkk. 1983
32 C Chrysan Themums for Amateur and Market Grower FW. Allerton 1949
33 C Characterization and Ecological Aspects of Rice Yellow Mottle Virus in Kenya W. Baker 1974
34 C Cut Shrysanthemums Anton M. Kofranek 1980
35 C Considerations in Breeding for Improved Yield and Quality in Atabica Coffee (Coffea arabica L.) DJA. Walyaro 1983
36 C Cicer L, A Monograph of the Genus, With Special Reference to the Chichpea (Cicer Arietinum L.) its Ecology and Cultivation LJG. Van der Maesen 1972
37 C Can Primitive Farming Be Modernised Noboru Yamada 1993
38 C Compectition in Apple as Influenced by Alar Sprays, Fruiting, Pruning and Tree Spacing EWM. Verheij 1972
39 C Cataloque 1985 Eijkelkam 1985
40 C Chemistry of Plant Hormones Nabutaka Takahashi 1986
41 C Centre Horticole de Anando (Apr,Mei,June) 1970
42 C Centre Horticole de Anando (Oct,Nov,Des) 1970
43 C CRC : Cloning Agricultural Plant Via in Vitro Techniques BV. Conger 1980
44 C CRC Handbook of Irrigation Technology I Herman J. Finkel 1982
45 C CRC Handbook of Irrigation Technology II Herman J. Finkel 1982
46 C CRC Handbook of Processing and Utilization in Agriculture (Vol.II) Ivan A. Wolft 1987
47 C CRC : Prosdicting Photosinthesis for Econsystem Models Vol. II JD. Hesketh; 1979
James W. Jones
48 C CRC : Selection Indies in Plant Breeding RJ. Baker 1986
49 C Citrus Cultivation and Fertilization W. Delfs Fritz 1970
50 C Chemical Control of Insects TF. West, Jelliot hardy 1951
51 C Cropping System Project Final Progress Report (May 1982 – Marc 1987) Bambang Guritno 1987
Wani Hadi Utomo
01 D Deciduous Fruit Tree Cultivars for Tropica and Sub Tropical Regions HC. Ruck 1975
02 D Descriptors for Coffee IPGRI 1996
03 D Decidous Fruits in Tanzania (2 buku) CW. Van Epenhuijsen 1970
04 D Decidous Fruits in Tanzania CW. Van Epenhuijsen 1976
05 D Diseases of Tropical and Subtropical Vegerables and Other Plants Allyen Austin Cook 1970
06 D Diseases of Greenhouse Plants JT. Flecher 1984
07 D Diseases & Pests of Ornamental Plants Pascal P. Pirone 1978
08 D Diseases & Biological Control in Rhinoceros Betles Paul Suraney 1960
09 D Dari Benih Kepada Benih Sjamsoe'oed Sadjad 1993
10 D Dari Benih Kepada Benih Sjamsoe'oed Sadjad 1993
11 D Division of Horticultural Research 1985
12 D Division of Primary Production : Technical Annual Report Tropical Tree Crops Northem Territery 1986
13 D Directory of the Thailand Seed Industry The Seed Club Tailand 1983
14 D Dynamics of Lotics Ecosystems Thomas D. Fontaine 1983
15 D Dictionary of Horticulture Elsevier 1970
16 D1 De Ralatic Van de Ontwikkeling van de Cocoszaailing en Het Tijdstip van Uit Planten on Het Veld
16 D2 De Kruiduagel (Syzygium aromaticum L) Cultur, Productic en Bloeigedrag CLM. Van Eijnatten 1984
17 D Doctoral Dissertations on : Agriculture and Agronomy 1976
18 D Daminozide Reduces Mean Weight of Potato Tubers but Fails to Increase Unifornuty IS. RogersA
BW. PhilpA
19 D Data Used in the Construction of A Model of the Development and Bulking of Potatoes C. Hackett 1979
PJ. Sands
20 D Dictaat Tropische Cultures : Deel II en Deel II EG. Beterm, 1948
CGB. Zwa
21 D Dictaat : Administratie der Cultuuron Dermeningen G. Aergelo 1939
22 D Dictaat : Fabrieks Administratie SJ. Toxopeus 1949
23 D Dictaat : Tropische Culturees Dee/I SJ. Toxopeus 1949
24 D Development of Horticultural Education AT Brawijaya University CLM. Van Eijnatten 1988
25 D Development of Research on Cashew In Indonesia (Consultancy Report Submitted to FAO – ROME) CLM. Van Eijnatten 1984
26 D Development of Education and Research in Soil Science At Braeijaya University Leo Stroosnijder 1988
27 D Dasar-Dasar Fisiologi Tumbuhan (II) W. Prawiranata, dkk 1981
28 D De Landbouw in Den Indischen Arcipel I CJJ. Van Hall, dkk 1962
29 D De Landbouw in Den Indischen Arcipel IIA CJJ. Van Hall, dkk 1962
30 D De Landbouw in Den Indischen Arcipel IIB CJJ. Van Hall, dkk 1962
31 D De Landbouw in Den Indischen Arcipel III CJJ. Van Hall, dkk 1962
32 D Demonstration Unit Farm Management and Soil Conservation : Technical & Financial P DGRRI – DGIS 1984
33 D De Individuele en Gekombineerde Invioeden van Habitus en Platdichtheid opde opbrengst van thee (Camellia Sinensis (L) O Kuntze) CLM. Van Eijnatten 1983
34 D DiagnosisDeficiencies in Plants
35 D Dasar-Dasar Ilmu Tanah Henry D. Foth 1991
36 D Dasar-dasar Ilmu Pemuliaan Tanaman Soemarjo Poespo D. 1988
37 D Dreainage Testing PJ. Dieleman 1976
01 E East Africa Crops : An Introduction in the Production of Field and Plantion Crops in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda D. Burger Hzn 1972
02 E Elsvier's Dicitionary of Horticultura in Nine Languages : English, French; Ducth, German, Danish, Swedish, Spanish, Italian Nijdam J 1970
Jong A de
(Buku tidak asa)
03 E Edible Horticultural Crops A Compendium of Information on Fruit Vegetables Spice & Nut Species (Part I Section 1-6) Clive Hackett 1982
Julie Carolane
04 E Edible Horticultural Crops A Compendium of Information on Fruit Vegetables Spice & Nut Species (Part II Section 7-9) Clive Hackett 1982

05 E Edible Horticultural Crops A Compendium of Information on Fruit Vegetables Spice & Nut Species (Part III Section 10-24) Clive Hackett 1982
06 E Edible Horticultural Crops A Compendium of Information on Fruit Vegetables Spice & Nut Species (Part IV Section 25-27) Clive Hackett 1982
07 E Economics in Horticulture MJ. Sargent 1973
08 E Economische Botanie JJ. Swart 1954
09 E Ecology of Plants in the Tropics Daniel H. Jauzen 1975
10 E Evolution of Crop Plants NW. Simmonds 1973
11 E Evolution of Crop Plants NW. Simmonds 1974
12 E Evolution of Crop Plants NW. Simmonds 1974
13 E Evolution of Crop Plants NW. Simmonds 1974
14 E Endogenous Plant Growth Subtances Thomas A Hill 1975
15 E East Java Nutrion Studies Report I Sri Kardjati; JA Kusin 1977
16 E East Java Nutrion Studies Report II Sri Kardjati; JA Kusin 1978
17 E East Java Nutrion Studies Report III Sri Kardjati; JA. Kusin 1979
18 E East African Ctops : An Introduction to The production of Field and Plantation Crops in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda JD. Acland 1971
19 E Energi dan Produksi Pertanian Yogi Sugito 1993
20 E Expo Jamu Simp.Penel.Tbh.Obat 1986
21 E English For Spesific Purposes Agriculture H. Sofia Rangkuti H 1990
22 E Experimental Methogs For Extesion Workers Thomas M. Little 1966
23 E Ethylene and Plant Development JA. Robert 1985
24 E Ethylene : Biochemical & Applied Aspects Yoram Fuchs 1984
25 E Eukaryotic Genes Their Structure Activitivity and Regulation N. Maclean ; 1983
SP. Gregory
26 E Evaluation ofronomic Technology Potatoes in the Hot Tropics DJ. Midmore 1982
27 E Environmental Valuation New Perspectiv KG.Willis; JT Cokindale 1995
28 E Enveronnement African : Problems et Perspectives Paul Richards 1976
29 E Elements of Tropical Soil Science T. Eden 1968
30 E Experimentations Pourle Development de 1 Horticulture an Sub-Dekomey GJH. Grubben 1971
31 E Ekofarming : Bertani Selaras Alam Joachim Metzner 1985
32 E Experimental Methods For Extension Workers Thomas M. Little 1966
01 F Field Crops Research Vol.7 No.4 (2 buku) Elsevier 1983
02 F Field Crops Research An Inter Journal Elsovier 1985
03 F Field Crops Research Elsevier 1985
04 F Farm Management Know-How and Information Tools (FARMKIT) Azm. Obaidullah Khan 1996
05 F Final Report Second Phase (Final draft) Part I Elements of Watershed Planning Methods and Theoretical Considerations Project Kali Konto 1985
06 F Final Report Second Phase (Final draft) Part II Elements of Watershed Planning Suggestions for Improved Watershed Planning Project Kali Konto 1985
07 F Final Report Second Phase (Final draft) Part III The Kali Konto Upper Watershed, Regional Development Trends & Issues Project Kali Konto 1985
08 F Final Report Second Phase (Final draft) Part IV The Kali Konto Upper Watershed Kali Konto Upper Watershed Plant Project kali Konto 1985
09 F Final Report Kota Pilot Project Ogun State 1977
10 F Fruit IBPGR Sccretariat 1980
11 F Fruit Breeding in India GS. Nijjar 1977
12 F Fruit Tree Programme : Brief Notes on a Consultancy Viscit in Nov. 1987) EMW. Verkey 1987
13 F Fruit Vegetables TB. Duckwort 1966
14 F From Flower to Fruit Embryology of Flowering Plants BGL. Swamy 1980
15 F From Agronomic Data to Farmer Recomen Dation on Economics Training Manual Richard K. Perrin 1979
16 F Farming Systems Research in Easterm Africa : The Experience of CIMMYT & Some National Agricultural Research Services MP. Collinson 1982
17 F Farming Systems Research A Critial Appraisal EH. Gilbert 1980
DW. Norman
18 F Farming Systems Research : Form the Course Conducted for the Indonesia-Australia Eastern (Vol.1 : Courde Notes) Liliek Agustina 1992
Richard Bowden
19 F Farming Systems Research : Form the Course Conducted for the Indonesia-Australia Eastern (Vol.II Suporting Docum) Liliek Agustina 1992
Richard Bowden
20 F Food Legumes Daesy E. Kay 1979
21 F Food Product Formulary Vol.3 Fruit, Vegetable ans Nut Products Donald K. Tressler 11976
Jasper Guy Woodroof
22 F Food ResourcesConventional& Novel NW. Pirie 1969
23 F Fertilizing for Maximum Yield GW. Cooke 1972
24 F Foundamentals of Modern Agriculture CD. Blake 1967
25 F Fundamentals of Landscaping and Site…. James B. Root 1985
26 F Foundamentals of Plant Genetics and Breeding James R. Welsh 1985
27 F Fertilizer Guide for Tropical and Subtropica Farming JG. De Geus 1967
28 F Foliar Diagnosis, Nutrition and Yield tability of Black Pepper (Pipper Nigoum4) in Serawa PWF. De Waard 1969
29 F FAO Plant Production and Protection Paper AGPC/MISC/Preprint Northem Territery 1986
30 F Fruitree Programme : Progress Report (Feb/1986 – Marech 1987) DGRRI – DGIS 1987
31 F Fellowship Programme : Report on Progress and Proposals-1 DGRRI – DGIS 1987
32 F Fourteenth International Horticultural Congres – 1955 (Vol.1) SJ. Wellensiek 1955
33 F Fourteenth Unternational Horticultural Congres – 1955 (Vol.1) SJ. Wellensiek 1955
34 F First Australian Mango Research Worshop UNIBRAW 1984
35 F First International Tropical Fruit Short Course The Avocado JW. Sauls RLP 1976
LK. Jackson
36 F Fisiologi Pasca Panen : Penanganan dan Pemanfaatan Buah-buahan dan Sayur-sayuran Tropika/Subtropika ERB. Pantastico 1989
37 F Fisiologi Tanaman Budidaya Tropik Peter R. Goldworty 1992
38 F Foliage Plant Production Jasper N. Joiner 1981
39 F Floriculture :Fundamentals &Practices Alex Lauric 1950
01 G General Viticulture AJ. Winkler 1979
02 G Genetics and Breeding of Peas W. Knvostova 1975
03 G Genetics and Breeding of Tomato Jacqueline P. 1981
04 G Genetics Resources and Their Exploitatiom – Chicckpeas, Faba Bean and Lentils JR. Witcombe WE 1984
05 G Genetics : Second Edition Monroe W Strickberger 1976
06 G Genetics : Second Edition Monroe W Strickberger 1976
07 G Gids voor de : Kleinverpakking van Groente en Fruit GJH. Rijkenberg 1981
08 G Growing Fruit in Australia Paul baxter 1981
09 G Growing Fruits and Berries David A. Weeb 1983
10 G Grain Lagume Crops RJ. Summerfield 1985
11 G Germplasm Cataloque Mungbean (Vigna radiata (L) Wilczek) MARIF 1986
12 G Germplasm Cataloque Soybean (Glycine max L.) Merrill) MARIF 1986
13 G Germplasm Cataloque Maize (Zra mays L) MARIF 1986
14 G Germplasm Cataloque Groundnut (Arachis hygaea L.) MARIF 1986
15 G Germplasm Cataloque Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) MARIF 1986
16 G Germplasm Cataloque Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas (L) Lam) MARIF 1986
17 G Grandslagen van de Fruitteelt Defysiologie van de vruch and boom J. Tropm 1976
H. Jonhers
18 G Garden Trees Rodney Helliwell 1983
19 G Garden Flowers Simon & Schuster's 1983
20 G Garden Design Sylvia Crowe 1981
21 G Grasses in Agriculture RO. Whyte 1959
22 G Guidelines for the Cultivation of Sago Palm DL. Schulling 1985
23 G Guidelines For Soil and Terrain Field Description in Integrated Watershed Management Studies For Indonesia DGTTI – DGIS 1988
24 G Guava (Phidium guajava L) In Hawaii History and Production Gordon T. Shigecard 1971
Richard M. Bullock
25 G Grape Growing Robert J. Weaver 1976
26 G Germination Characteristics and the Effect of Shirt Term Storage on the Germination of Guava, Soursop and Jackgruit Rob. Deace 1988
01 H Horticultural Abstracts CAB 1985
02 H Horticultural Research International HH. van der Borg 1980
03 H Horticultural in Tanzania Position and Prespeetive (2 buku) EWM. Verkeij 1982
04 H Horticulture : A Select Bibliography HC. Ruck 1976
05 H Horticulture in the Province of East Java Indonesia HE. The Governor of 1974
East java
06 G Horticulture in the Province of East Java Indonesia HE. The Governor of 1975
East Java
07 G Horticultural Handbook Vol. I 1966
08 H Horticultural Science and Soils Vol. I Horticultural Science EG. Coker 1971
09 H Horticultural Science and Soils Vol. II Sopil and Fertilisers EG. Coker 1971
10 H Horticultural Machinery MFJ. Hanker 1985
11 H Horticultural Science Fourth Edition Jules Janick 1985
12 H Horticultural Reviews Vol. 3 Jules janick 1981
13 H Horticultural Reviews Vol. 5 Jules Janick 1983
14 H Horticultural Reviews Vol. 6 Jules Janick 1984
15 H Horticultural Reviews Vol. 7 Jules Janick 1985
16 H Hormon Tumbuhan Suwasono Heddy 1984
17 H Herbaceous Perennials FA. Giles 1980
18 H Handbook of Transportation and Marketing in Agriculture : Vol.I : Food Comodities Essex E. Finney, Jr 1981
19 H Handbook of Transportation and Marketing in Agriculture : Vol. II : Field Crops Essex E. Finney, Jr 1981
20 H Handbook of Agrigultural Productivity Vol. I : Plant Productivity Miloslaw Recheiql, Jr 1982
21 H Handbook of Agricultural Productivity Vol. II : Animal Productivity Miloslaw Recheiql,Jr 1982
22 H Handbook of Tropical Food Crops Franklin W. Martin 1984
23 H Handbook of Pest Management in Agriculture Vol. I David Permentel 2000
24 H Handbook of Pest Management in Agriculture Vol. II David Permentel 2000
25 H Handbook of Pest Management in Agriculture Vol. III David Permentel 2000
26 H Handbook of Tropical and Sub-Tropical Horticulture Ernest Mortensen 1964
27 H Handbook of Tropical and Sub-Tropical Horticulture Ernest Mortensen 1986
28 H Handbook of Fruit Set and Development Shaul P. Monselise 1986
29 H Handbook of Flowering Vol. I Abraham H. Halevy 1985
30 H Handbook of Flowering Vol. II Abraham H. Halevy 1985
31 H Handbook of Flowering Vol. III Abraham H. Halevy 1985
32 H Handbook of Flowering Vol. IV Abraham H. Halevy 1985
33 H Handbook of Flowering Vol. V Abraham H. Halevy 1985
34 H Higher – Yielding Human System For Agriculture William Foote Whyte 1983
35 H Houschold Gardens : Theoretical Consideration on an Old Survival Strategy Vera K. Ninez 1984
36 H Houschold Food Production : Comporative Perspectives Vera K. Ninez 1985
37 H Hybrid Rice : Procedings of the International Symposium on Hybrid Rice Klaus Lampe 1988
38 H Homegerden Sourcebook Vol. I : Homegarden ISSUES and Ecological Aspects Linda Christanty 1985
Yayat Ruchiyat
39 H Homegarden Sourcebook Vol. II Sociocultural, Economics and Nutrition Aspects Linda Christanty 1985
Yayat Ruchiyat
40 H Homegarden Sourcebook Vol. III : Management and Development Aspect Linda Christanty 1985
Yayat Ruchiyat
41 H Homegerdens in Three Villages in the Matara District of Sri Lanka Thea Hilhorst 1983
42 H Homegerdens
43 H Highlights of Research Activities of the Lembaga Biology Nasional – LIPI LIPI 1984
44 H HERBS An Indexed Bibliography 1971-1980 : The Scientific Literature on Selected Herbs,andAromaticand Medicinal Plants of the Temperate Zone James E. Simon 1984
Alena F. Chadwick
Lyle E Craker
45 H Hoeizontal Resistance to the Blast Disease Guie Galves E 1971
46 H Hydrological Monitoring Programme : Background and Preliminary Guidelines for data Collection and Processing DGTTI – DGIS 1987
47 H Hydroponic Gardening Raymond Bridwell 1987
48 H Hama dan Penyakit pada Tanaman Kentang dan Pemberantasannya Lembaga Penelitian
49 H Handling Transportation and Storager of Fruits snd Vegetables Vol. I Second Edition Vegetables and Melons A. Lloid Ryall 1972
50 H Handling Transportation and Storage of Fruits and Vegetables Vol. II Second Edition Vegetables Melons A. Lloid Ryall 1972
I Kode I
01 I Inseet Pollination of Crops John B. Free 1970
02 I Innovative Weed Management Strategies For Sustainable Agriculture Hova Hall 1995
03 I Indonesian Journal of Biotechnology Hari Hartiko, dkk 1983
04 I Ichtisar Chasiat Macam-Macam Sayuran MI. Sarengat 1941
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01 Z Zuriat Jurnal Pemuliaan Indo

buku baru februari 2009

buku baru tanggal 26 Februari 2009

1. Jurnal Agrivita Vol.29 edisi Khusus 2007
2. Enterpreneurship from minset to strategy(pelatihan metode pengajaran kewirausahaan di Perguruan tinggi(2 Eks) dari A2
3. Enterpreneurship from minset to strategy(buku pegangan mata kuliah kewirausahaan,edisi ke 3) dari A2
4. biologi jilid 1,2,3 edisi 5 ( @ 2 eksemplar)
5. Newsletter 162 desember 2008
6. News "implications of an Unintended area wide ipm for chilo suppresalis in japan" extension bulletin 588
7. news"food regulation on agrochemicals for ensuring quality and safety of food supply in japan "589
8. safety management and inspection of agrochemical residues of food in the trade of product-590
9. women roles and need in changing rural asia with emphasis on rice based agriculture-593
10. family management agreement-595
11. bioavailability and safety issues of heavy metal in paddy soil rice continuum in korea-597
12. current status of bio pesticides development,farmers acceptance and utilization and future perspective in taiwan-599
13. current ststus and future direction of commercial production and use of bio fertilizers in japan-600
14. current ststus of bio fertilizers and bio pestisides development,farmers acceptance and their utilization in korea-601
15. current ststus bio fertilizers development,farmers,acceptance and utilization and future perspectivein taiwan-603


13 Februari 2009

Program Sarjana S-1 Fakultas Pertanian

Agriculture Mayor

Agroekoteknologi: Mengaplikasikan konsep, prinsip ilmiah(tanah, Tanaman, lingkungan, Hama dan penyakit) untuk merancang dan memgembangkan teknologi pertanian yang berlanjut.

Agribisnis: Mengaplikasikan konsep dan prinsip ekonomi bisnis untuk merancang, mengembangkan dan mengelola sistem ageibisnis berlanjut.
-kemampuan memahami konsep dan keilmuan, kemudian merancang, mengembangka, mengaplikasikan, mengkomunikasikan berbagai aspek yang dibutuhkan dalam bidang Agroekoteknologi dan agribisnis.

  1. Memiliki keberanian memulai, menjalankan dan mengembangkan usaha yang inivatif dibidangnya secara relevan dan berkelanjutan.
  2. keberanian memasuki pasar kerja dibidangnya dan bidang lain secara profesional.
  3. mampu merencanakan, merancang dan mengimplementasikan kajian ilmiah dan penelitian terapan, serta mengkomunikasikan secara ilmiah dan populer.
  4. mampu mengidentifikasikan,mendeskripsikan dan menganalisa permasalahan pembangunan dibidang pertanian dan yang terkait, serta memformulasikan alternatif solusi secara profesional

  1. 27 profesor
  2. 51 Doktor
  3. 150 dosen yang mendukung Kemajuan mahasiswa Fakultas Pertanian
Dosen yang membimbing mahasiwa secara intensif berdasarkan kompetensi, pusat kegiatan yang memadai, laboratorium komunikasi, radio komunikasi 107,5 Orya FM, untuk membentuk mahasiswa menjadi sososk yang mampu berkomunikasi dengan secara baik sesuai kebutuhan.

di dukung oleh: jaringan internet Wi-Fi, kampus asri, sistem pembelajaran yang mandiri, Audio visual classroom, gren house, 11 laboratorium, 3 lokasi kebun percobaan seluas 51 hektar.

Pelaku usaha, kominikator, field manager, PNS, Assesor, Akademisi, konsulta, komunity development marketing dan promotion agent.

warking graduate:
Perusahaan, multinasionl bidang pertanian, BUMN, PNS, swasta, perbankan, media massa, finance, farmasi, lsm, marketing, dosen dll.

Dr.Ir.bambang tri rahardjo.MS
0341-553931, 0341551665

Pusat informasi:
Kampus Fakultas pertanian UB Malang
Jalan. Veteran kota malang 65145- 0341 565845, 0341551665

Email : faperta@brawijaya.ac.id
website: WWW.fp.brawijaya.ac.id

5 Februari 2009


Tanggal 2 Januari 2009
No. Judul Pengarang Penerbit Tahun ISBN / ISSN Unit Status
1. Plant – Environment Interaction (Third edition) Edited by Bingru Huang CRC Press 2006 0849337275 1 Ada

2. Applied Ecology and Natural Resource Management (Hardcover) Guy R. Mc. Pherson, Stephen Destefano Cambridge University Press February 2003 0521811279 1 Ada

3. Biotic Interaction in The Tropics – Their Role in Maintenance of Species Diversity
(Hardcover) David Burslen, Michelle Pinard and Sue Hartley Cambridge Univ Pr Dec
2005 0521847079 1 Ada

4. Air Pollution and Plant Life – 2nd Edition. Hardcover Bell, Nigel/
Bell, J. N. B. John Wiley & Sons June
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Vegetables (No. 1)
Asteraceae, Brassicaceae, Chenopodicaceae and Cucurbitaceae
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1 Ada

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9. 100 Edible Mushrooms (Paperback) Michael Kuo Univ of Michigan Pr July
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10. Postharvest: An introduction to the physiology and handling of fruit, vegetables and ornamentals, 5th edition
Paperback 252 pp R Wills, B McGlasson, D Graham and D Joyce
CABI Publishing

April 2007 9781845932275 1 Ada

11. Postharvest Physiology and Hypobaric Storage of Fresh Produce S.P Burq CABI 2004 0851998011 1 Ada

12. Alkoloid – Secrets of Life : Alkoloid Chemistry, biological Significance, Applications and Ecological Role Tadeusz Aniszewski Elsevier 2007 978044527363 1 Ada

13. Allelopathy - A Physiological Process with Ecological Implications. Hardcover 637 Reigosa, Manuel J.; Pedrol, Nuria; González, Luís Springer 2006 1402042795 1 Ada

14. Heavy Metal Stress in Plants - From Biomolecules to Ecosystems, 2nd Ed. Hardcover 520 pp Prasad, M.N.V. Springer Nov
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15. Physiology of Plants Under Stress - Soil and Biotic Factors Orcutt, David M.; Nilsen, Erik T. John Wiley & Sons 2000 0471170089 1 Ada

16. Flowering and Its Manipulation.
Hardback 320 pages Charles Ainsworth Blachwell 2006 1405128089 1 Ada

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0199254680 1 Ada

18. Genetic Resources, Chromosome Engineering, and Crop Improvement: Grain Legumes, Volume I.
Hardback 390 pp Ram J. Singh & Prem P. Jauhar CRC Press March 2005 0849314305 1 Ada

19. Handbook of Seed Science and Technology BASRA Amarjit S 2006 1 Ada

20. An Introduction to Plant Breeding
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21. Fundamentals of Turfgrass Management (2nd edition) Hardcover Nick Edward Christians John Wiley & Sons Inc April 2007 0470008407 1 ada
22. Applied Turfgrass Science and Physiology (Hardcover) Jack Fry, Bingru Huang John Wiley & Sons Inc August
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23. Site Analysis: A Contextual Approach to Sustainable Land Planning and Site Design , 2nd Edition. Hardcover
384 pages James A. LaGro John Wiley & Sons Pte. Ltd. November 2007 978-0-471-79798-2 1 Ada

24. Mechanisms of Plant Growth and Improved Productivity Modern Approaches (Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences) by Amarjit S. Basra Powell’s Books 2006 ISBN13: 9780824791926
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25. Biofuels:Biotechnology, Chemistry and Sustainable Development David M. Mousdale CRC Pr I Llc May
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26. Genetics : Analysis and Principles RJ Brooker Mc Graw Hill 2005 9780071110983 1 Ada

27. Crop Biotechnology PR Yadav and Tyagi DPH New Delhi 2006 8183560822 1 Ada

28. Agrotechniques of Medicinal Plants Ravindra Sharma Daya Publisher 2004 8170353467 1 Ada

29. Plant Nutrition for Fruit Securyty RN Roy Discovery Publishing 2007 9788183561914 1 Ada

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31. ISHS Acta Horticulture 760 K.E Hummer ISHS Vol 2 Juli 2008 0567-7572
978-90-66055-10-1 1 Ada

•Design, planning, and management of the land

1. vol 21 no.1 2002
2. vol 22 no. 2 2003
3. vol 23 no. 1 2004
4. vol 23 no.2 2004
5. vol 24 no.1 2005
6. vol 24 no.2 2005
7. vol 25 no.1 2006
8. vol 25 no.2 2006
9. vol 26 no.1 2007
10. vol 26 no.2 2007 Madison Vol. 21-26. 2003-2007. Ada

Physiological plant Ecology, Ecophysiology and Sterss Physiology og functional Groups
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34 Produksi tanaman hias (PTO 4204)
Handout kuliah Ir.Sitawati.MS, Ir.Ellies Nihayati MS,
Ir.Cicik Udayana.MSi Ada

35 Buku praktikum MK Hortikultura Lanskap Ir.Sitawati.MS
Euis E Nurlailih.SP.MSI

36 Handout matakuliah Hortikultura Lanskap Ir.Sitawati.MS
Euis E Nurlailih.SP.Msi
Ir.Cicik Udayana.MSi Ada

37 Evaluasi hujan Nov 2008 BMG BMS Des 2008 Ada