31 Agustus 2009

Buku Sumbangan Prof.Moernarni

Buku sumbangan Prof.Moenarni 

Daftar buku Sumbangan Prof.Dr.Ir.Moenarni T.MS
No Kode 
Buku Judul Buku Pengarang 
1 Moe-1 Modern business sales and sales management Grolier
2 Moe-2 Modern business business letters and communications Grolier
3 Moe-3 Modern business marketing  
4 Moe-4 Modern business production decisions and controls  
5 Moe-5 Modern business Advertising  
6 Moe-6 Modern business business organization  
7 Moe-7 Modern business the use of mathematics in business  
8 Moe-8 Modern business management systems and computer  
9 Moe-9 Modern business Principles of management 
10 Moe-10 Modern business Budgetary control 
11 Moe-11 Modern business Cost Control 
12 Moe-12 Modern business Transportation and Traffic Management 
13 Moe-13 Modern business business and the Man 
14 Moe-14 Modern business Accounting Principles 
15 Moe-15 Modern business production specialist characteristic of modern production 
16 Moe-16 Modern business characteristic of modern production 
17 Moe-17 Modern business corporation finance 
18 Moe-18 Modern business public relations 
19 Moe-19 Modern business economics 
20 Moe-20 Encyclopedia Americana B To Berling vol 3 Americana corporation
21 Moe-21 Encyclopedia Americana Birmingham to Burlington vol 4 
22 Moe-22 Encyclopedia Americana burma to Cathay vol 5 
23 Moe-23 Encyclopedia Americana cathedrals to civil war vol 6 
24 Moe-24 Encyclopedia Americana civilization to coronium vol 7  
25 Moe-25 Encyclopedia Americana corot to Desdemona vol 8 
26 Moe-26 Encyclopedia Americana desert to egret vol 9 
27 Moe-27 Encyclopedia Americana Egypt to falsetto vol 10 
28 Moe-28 Encyclopedia Americana Falstafe to Frangke vol 11 
29 Moe-29 Encyclopedia Americana franco to goethals vol 12 
30 Moe-30 Encyclopedia Americana Goethe to hearst vol 13 
31 Moe-31 Encyclopedia Americana Indian to Jeffers vol 15 
32 Moe-32 Encyclopedia Americana latin America to lytton vol 17 
33 Moe-33 Encyclopedia Americana m to mexico vol 18 
34 Moe-34 Encyclopedia Americana meyer to naval rank vol 19 
35 Moe-35 Encyclopedia Americana naval reserve to Orleans vol 20 
36 Moe-36 Encyclopedia Americana orley to photographic telescope vol 21 
37 Moe-37 Encyclopedia Americana photography to pumpkin vol 22  
38 Moe-38 Encyclopedia Americana pump to Russellville vol 23 
39 Moe-39 Encyclopedia Americana Russia to skimmer vol 24 
40 Moe-40 Encyclopedia Americana skin to sumag vol 25 
41 Moe-41 Encyclopedia Americana Sumatra to trampoline vol 26 
42 Moe-42 Encyclopedia Americana trance to venial sin vol 27 
43 Moe-43 Encyclopedia Americana Venice to Wilmot,john vol vol 28 
44 Moe-44 Encyclopedia Americana 28Wilmot proviso to zygote vol 29 
45 Moe-45 Radiation biology, national research council II, ultra violet and radiation Alexander hollaender
46 Moe-46 Submicroscopic morphology of protoplasm and its derivatives A frey wyssling
47 Moe-47 Principles of animal ecology W c Allee
48 Moe-48 Davey & Lightbody control of Disease in the tropics, A Handbook for medical practitioners T H Davey And Wilson
49 Moe-49 Standard methods of chemical analysis , a manual of analytical methods and general reference for the analytical chemist and for the advented student Wilfred W Scott
50 Moe-50 Outlines of Biochemistry Gortner
51 Moe-51 Plant physiology Meyer ,Anderson
52 Moe-52 Principles of genetics Sinnott dunn and dobzhansky
53 Moe-53 Basic Hortikulture Victor R Gardner
54 Moe-54 Differential diagnosis for practitioners in the tropics: Aclinical Handbook W.H.Jopling
55 Moe-55 Statistical Methods Frederick C Mills
56 Moe-56 Medical mycology An Introduction to its problems 
57 Moe-57 Plant physiology Miller
58 Moe-58 Handbook of Basic Microtehnique(1952) Peter gray 
59 Moe-59 Pests of stored grain and grain products(1963) RichRD t. cotton
60 Moe-60 Radiation biology(1956) Alexander hollaender
61 Moe-61 Soil Microbiology(1952) Selman A Waksman)
62 Moe-62 Practical Horticulture(1955) James S Shoemaker,
63 Moe-63 Postharvest biotechnology of flowers and ornamental plants(1989) D.K.Salunkhe,NR Bhatt, B.B.Desai
64 Moe-64 Soil Physics(1959) L.L.Baver
65 Moe-65 Fundamentals of horticulture(1980) J.B.Edmond
66 Moe-66 Biology jilid 2 edisi ke 5(1988) John W Kimball
67 Moe-67 Radioisotopes inbiology and agriculture(1955) Comar 
68 Moe-68 Vegetable crops(1979) Homer C Thompson 
69 Moe-69 Plants function and structure(1973) Victor A Greulach
70 Moe-70 Plant Physiology(1979) R G S Bidwell
71 Moe-71 Yulia Clements gift book of flower Arranging (1969) Hamlyn 
72 Moe-72 Encyclopedia of garden(1957) walter P Wright
73 Moe-73 Growth and differentiation in plants(monografh of the American society of plant (1949) W E Loomis
74 Moe-74 Cryptogamic botany vol 1 (algae and fungi)(1955) Gilbert M Smith
75 Moe-75 Cane sugar handbook amanual for cane sugar manufacturers and their chemist(1959) Guilford L Spencer, george P Meade 
76 Moe-76 Sunset house plants,how to choose,grow and display(1987) moureen W Z
77 Moe-77 Plant physiology((1991) Lincoln Taiz,Eduardo Zeiger
78 Moe-78 Land and peoples(Africa) vol 1 
79 Moe-79 Land and peoples(Asia ,Australia,new zeland.Oceania) vol 2 
80 Moe-80 Land and peoples (Europe) vol 3 
81 Moe-81 Land and peoples (Europe) vol 4  
82 Moe-82 Land and peoples (North America) vol 5 
83 Moe-83 Land and peoples Central and south America) vol 6 
84 Moe-84 Land and peoples(the world fact and figures index)(1976) Vol 7 
85 Moe-85 Soil fertility(1955) C E Millar
86 Moe-86 A handbook of tropical agriculture(1955) G B Masefield
87 Moe-87 The new rice economy of Indonesia(UGM Press)1981 Leon A Mears
88 Moe-88 Textbook of biochemistry(1959) Edward stauton 
89 Moe-89 Experimental designs(1957) William G Cochran
90 Moe-90 Pesticide formulations and agro based chemical food and paper products( R K Goel 
91 Moe-91 Economic Botany, textbook of useful Plants and plants products Albert F Hill
92 Moe-92 Radiation biology, vol 1: high energy radiation Alexander H
93 Moe-93 Radiation biology, vol 2: high energy radiation Alexander H
94 Moe-94 climatology Bernard Haurwitz
95 Moe-95 Statistical Tehnique in Agricultural research(1939) D D Paterson 
96 Moe-96 Biological monographs and manuals No.V (statistical methods for reseatch workers) Sir Roland A Fisher
97 Moe-97 Methods of plants breeding(1955) McGraw hill book Herbert Kendall Hayes
98 Moe-98 Planing of experiments(1958) D R Cox
99 Moe-99 Dictionary of microbiology(1957) Morris B Jacobs
100 Moe-100 Cryptogamic botany vol 2 (bryophytes and pteridophytes)1938 Gilbert M Smith
101 Moe-101 Rice , production and utilization (1980) Bor S luh 
102 Moe-102 A text book of InOrganic Chemistry(1953) J R Partington 
103 Moe-103 Soil Conditions & plant growth(1949) Sir E john Russell
104 Moe-104 A textbook of medicine(1955) Russell L Cecil
105 Moe-105 De Plagen van de cultuurgewassen in indonesie(Bhs. Belanda-1951) L G E Kalshoven
106 Moe-106 Animal Ecology1939) A S Pearce
107 Moe-107 Organic Chemistry(1951) A F Hollemen
108 Moe-108 Use of pesticides and control of economic pest and diseases in Indonesia(1969) H P OEI Dharma
109 Moe-109 Gray’s Anatomy descriptive and applied T B Johnston
110 Moe-110 The Americana Annual 1979 Edward Humphrey
111 Moe-111 The Americana Annual 1978 Edward Humphrey
112 Moe-112 The Americana Annual 1980 Edward Humphrey
113 Moe-113 A B C van het bacteriologisch Saltet
114 Moe-114 Experiments in organic chemistry(1955) Louis F Fieser
115 Moe-115 Gynaecologie( 
116 Moe-116 Contemporary strategy theories and policies John baylis, ken booth
117 Moe-117 The orchids A Scientific survey Carl L Withner
118 Moe-118 Invertebrate zoology(1933) Robert W hegner 
119 Moe-119 Methods of statistical analysis(1956) Cyril H Goulden
120 Moe-120 Soil their origin, construction and classification an introduction to pedology(1951) Gilbert wooding robinson
121 Moe-121 Chemical engineers’ handbook sidney
122 Moe-122 Sampling techniques(1953) William G Cochran
123 Moe-123 The government and politics of the PRC A time of transition(1985) Jurgen domes
124 Moe-124 Entomologische mededeelingen Nederland indie(1935) 
125 Moe-125 Explanation of term used in entomologya(1906) John B Smith
126 Moe-126 Experimental design(1955) Walter T federer
127 Moe-127 College entomology(1958) E O Essing
128 Moe-128 Inleiding tot de plantenveredeling special van tuinbouwgewassen(1953) O Banga
129 Moe-129 Animal ecology aims and methods (1957) A Macfadyen MA
130 Moe-130 Insert control by chemicals(1951) A W A Brown
131 Moe-131 Tropical soils A Critical study of soil genesis as related to climate, rock and vegetation (1954) E C J Mohr, F A Van Baren
132 Moe-132 Physiology of crops plants(1985) Franklin P Gardner, R brent pearce,roger L Mitchell
133 Moe-133 Archief voor de koffiecultur in nederlands(1931) Uitgave van den
134 Moe-134 Crop production, principles and practices(1976) Stephen R Chapman
135 Moe-135 Handleiding voor de theecultuur(1949) A F Schoorel
136 Moe-136 An introduction to industrial mycology(1938) Geoge smith, Harold raistrick
137 Moe-137 Fundamentals of mathematics(1958) M Richardson 
138 Moe-138 May’S Manual of the diseases of the eye(1957) Charles A perera 
139 Moe-139 De Landbouw in the indischen Archipel 1( C J J Van Hall, C Van De Koppel
140 Moe-140 Farmakologi dan terapi(1971) Ian Tanu , Vincent H S Gan
141 Moe-141 Grondslagen der Algemene geologie(1948) B G Escher
142 Moe-142 Selected invertebrate types(1950) Frank A Brown 
143 Moe-143 The chemistry and action of insecticides(1951) Harold H Shepard
144 Moe-144 Forest entomology(1952) Samuel Alexander graham
145 Moe-145 Indonesian society in transition ,A Study of social change(1956) W F Wertheim
146 Moe-146 Indonesia’s foreigen policy(1983) Michael leifer
147 Moe-147 Politics among nations the struggle for power and peace(1950) Hans J Morgenthau
148 Moe-148 De Landbouw in the indischen Archipel 11 a(1947) C J J Van Hall, C Van De Koppel
149 Moe-149 De nuttige planten van indonesie II(1950) K Heyne
150 Moe-150 Totale landbouwwetenschap(1949) W J Timmer
151 Moe-151 A textbook of Histology(1954) Alexander A maximow,William bloom
152 Moe-152 Physiology of the fungi(1951) Virgil greene lily, Horace L Barnett
153 Moe-153 Krisan(1995) IIN Hasim
154 Moe-154 IPB(horticultural seed catalogue 1975-1976 IPB
155 Moe-155 Prinsip-prinsip perbanyakan tanaman(2001) Moenarni T
156 Moe-156 Metode ilmiah, metode percobaan dan penulisan karya ilmiah(1995) Yogi Sugito
157 Moe-157 Kumpulan makalah kursus singkat tanaman buah-buahan tropis(buku 1) 1987 FPUB
158 Moe-158 Multi obyective goal programming(programasi tujuan ganda, teory dan aplikasinya(1995) Soekartawi
159 Moe-159 Kumpulan makalah workshop florikultura 2(1999) FP-IPB
160 Moe-160 Diktat dasar agronomi Moenarni T
161 Moe-161 Prinsip –prinsip perbanyakan tanaman secara generatif(1996) Moenarni T
162 Moe-162 Prinsip –prinsip perbanyakan tanaman secara generatif(1996) Moenarni T
163 Moe-163 Ekologi tanaman(diktat kuliah)1994 Yogi Sugito
164 Moe-164 Hara, tanah,air dan tanaman(diktat)1994 Syekhfani
165 Moe-165 Sistem pertanian Organik(1995) Yogi sugito
166 Moe-166 Dasar-dasar Agronomi(1994) Yogi Sugito
167 Moe-167 System pertanian organic(1995) Yogi sugito
168 Moe-168 Bahan kuliah alih tahun pengantar produksi tanaman(1996) PPSUB
169 Moe-169 Pengantar praktis pengendalian hama terpadu(1992) Baskoro WInarno
170 Moe-170 Tanaman hias yang berbunga(1)1977 Marah mardjo
171 Moe-171 Tanaman hias yang berbunga(2)1977 Marah mardjo
172 Moe-172 Tanaman hias yang berbunga(3)1977 Marah mardjo
173 Moe-173 Kecipir penghasil protein dan karbohidrat yang serbaguna(1983) Rismunandar 
174 Moe-174 Budidaya tanaman pangan di lahankering(1992) Edy purnomo
175 Moe-175 Agronomi (1994) Jody moenandir
176 Moe-176 Pengolahan lahan kebun tebu giling reynoso(1987) Roy Hendroko
177 Moe-177 Pedoman bercocok tanam padi, palawija, sayuran dan empon-empon(1986) dirjen bina transmigrasi
178 Moe-178 Struktur fungsi dan metabolisme sel(1996) Suwasonno heddy
179 Moe-179 Teknik kultur jaringan , pengenalan dan petunjuk perbanyakan tanaman secara vegetatif-modern(1994) Daisy P sriyanti H
180 Moe-180 Bercocok tanam umum(1984) Haryono dnoesastro
181 Moe-181 Biologi edisi kelima jilid 1(1987) John W Kimball
182 Moe-182 Dasar pengetahuan ilmu tanaman(1987) Zainal Abidin
183 Moe-183 Nutrisi tanaman(1990) Liliek Agustina
184 Moe-184 Perbanyakan tanaman dengan biji,stek,cangkok,sambung, okulasi dan kultur Jaringan(1995) L Widiarto
185 Moe-185 Rebung tehnologi produksi dan pengolahan(1992) F G Winarno
186 Moe-186 Hormon Tumbuhan(1986) Suwasono Heddy
187 Moe-187 Fisiologi Herbisida (ilmu gulma 2) Jody Moenandir
188 Moe-188 Rumput taman(1979) Sri Haryoeti hartono
189 Moe-189 Pisang Hias(1991) Sansan taten U 
190 Moe-190 Merawat Anggrek(tim redaksi Trubus) Trubus
191 Moe-191 Pembibitan di lahan sawah (tebu)seri 3a(1987) Roy Hendroko
192 Moe-192 Pestisida untuk pertanian dan kehutanan(1987) Dirjen pangan
193 Moe-193 Pengantar pengetahuan dasar hortikultura(1984) Hendro sunaryono
194 Moe-194 Tumbuhan anyaman Indonesia(1988) Elizabeth widjaya
195 Moe-195 Pemeliharaan Tanaman hias ruangan(1989) Slamet Soeseno 
196 Moe-196 Hormon Tumbuhan(1986) Suwasono Heddy
197 Moe-197 Pengantar Produksi benih(1990) Wahyu Qomara M
198 Moe-198 Pengenalan jenis tanaman buah-buahan dan bercocok tanam buah penting di indonesia(produksi Hortikultura III(1985) Hendro Sunaryono
199 Moe-199 Bertanam 30 Jenis sayur (2003) Hendro Sunarjono
200 Moe-200 Meningkatkan hasil panen kedelai di lahan sawah-kering pasang surut(1999) T Adisarwanto
201 Moe-201 Pengantar produksi tanaman dan penanganan pasca panen(1994) Yb Suwasono Heddy
202 Moe-202 Bunga, menanam dan memeliharanya(1981) Atjung
203 Moe-203 Bercocok tanam tanaman perkebunan tahunan(1996) Syamsul Bahri
204 Moe-204 Bayam bertanam dan pengolahan pasca panen(1995) Rahmat rukmana
205 Moe-205 Budidaya anggrek(1986) Livy winata gunawan
206 Moe-206 Pupuk ZA Petroges
207 Moe-207 Hortikultura teori,budidaya dan pasca panen(1995) Benyamin L
208 Moe-208 Perbanyakan vegetatif pada angrek(1977) Sutarni M S
209 Moe-209 Dasar-dasar bercocok tanam(1983) AAK
210 Moe-210 Teknologi benih( Lita sutopo
211 Moe-211 Ekofarming , bertani selaras alam(1987) Joachim metzner
212 Moe-212 Kamus istilah botani latin-indonesia(1994) Baskoro Winarno
213 Moe-213 Rancangan Percobaan teori dan apkilasinya(1993) E sugandi

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